Fiskars Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower

The Fiskars Momentum Push Reel Mower is a brand new mower to hit the market. It’s made by Fiskars, a company responsible for great cutting tools already – ranging from scissors to pruning shears and more, so it seems only appropriate and a matter of time before they made a great reel mower.

There are a few different things that set this mower apart from other push reel mowers, so we’ve sorted out the best information about this mower right here for you. Here it is:

InertiaDrive Mower Technology:

The Momentum push reel mower provides up to twice the amount of power to cut. It does this through a large diameter cutting wheel and heavy blades. These allow the mower to store energy in a similar fashion to a flywheel. This added power allows you to easily push through dense grass, weeds, or small twigs.

Because of this advancement in technology, this push reel mower uses about 30 percent less force than a standard push reel mower. Cutting long grass is much easier with the Fiskars Momentum.

Fiskars VersaCut Reel Mower Design:

A stand alone feature of the Fiskars momentum is the fact that it has the greatest cutting range of any reel mower out there. A range from 1 inch at minimum to a 4 inch maximum is currently unprecedented, and gives you a lot of options as far as how long/short you would prefer your grass.

If edging is your thing, the momentum edges up to 3 times closer than some other reel mowers and doesn’t leave uncut strips of grass under the wheels.

As far as cutting width is concerned, an 18 inch cutting width ensures that you are getting the most out of each pass through your lawn.

Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower Ergonomics

Everything is right where you want it to be with this mower. It features an ergonomic adjustable height handle with a padded grip – this equals less stress on your hands. Adjusting the mower is equally as easy and convenient with a one-touch cut height adjustment system.

You don’t have to worry about grass all over your feet and legs either, as the grass discharge chute will direct all grass clippings in a forward manner – away from your feet. This is an excellent feature for anyone who’s broken a sweat mowing the lawn and has found their lower body covered in blades of grass.

StaySharp Blades and Cutting System:

The grass can be cut without the blades ever having to touch the cutter bar. Due to this precision engineering, you will find friction and blade wear significantly reduced. Those of you who are familiar with Brill reel mowers will know that they’ve had this feature for years, and it works quite well.

Thus, by eliminating the steel-on-steel contact you find in some other standard push reel mowers, the blades do not dull easily and are way easier to maintain without annual sharpening.

These features alone make the release of the Fiskars Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower highly exciting.

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